Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do you offer at Aptech / Future Technologies? How are these courses fundamental to our day to day jobs?

Aptech / Future Technologies majorly offers IT professional courses. These courses are very fundamental because the IT Industry is the most dynamic and rapidly growing sector in the world. Therefore there is a perpetual and growing demand for IT professionals with expertise and specialization to fulfill a variety of industry requirements.

What is the level of demand for IT professionals compared to non professionals in various industries?

The demand for IT professionals specializing in development tools, database and networking is on the rise, for you as an IT professional, the opportunities are endless, you will therefore need to equip yourself to survive competition and make a successful career in your industry.

Why is ACCP program very popular?

The ACCP career program is a power packed curriculum designed to train students in the latest IT skills to match the current demands of the industry. The program is tuned to equip you with the latest technology skills.

Do you consider Aptech / Future Technologies the best Institution in IT Training in Uganda today? Why?

Yes, The curriculum is always up-to-date with a focus on the industry and the latest technology trends. The teaching professionals are highly skilled and internationally certified. The teaching methodology AMEDA (Aptech Multimodel Education Delivery Architecture) is unique in such that the student get fully confident and equipped on practical applications in the real-life situations.

Do you offer placements for your students?

We do assist students in the placements and many corporate bodies make their requirements directly to us for recruitments. Future Technologies in alliance with Future Options Consulting helps to find suitable positions. Candidates are encouraged to log on to the website and register.

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