ADSE (Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering) Course Details

Course Details

Year III focuses on Microsoft and Oracle Technologies and Software Engineering Concepts. As per need in the industry and the increasing popularity, the modules for this Year have been chosen.

This Year aims at making the students Enterprise Application Developers or Network Administrators.

The core module of software engineering grooms the students in best industry practices that need to be followed while designing, developing applications, as well as for managing projects.

This module is therefore very essential to make the student a complete Software Professional.

Learning Outcome of Core Modules:

  1. Explain the concepts of Software Engineering. Analyze the user requirements and design the solutions suitable for the system
  2. Discuss the various methodologies and paradigms used for software development.
  3. Analyze the requirements of a Software Project
  4. Describe the Software Management Process
  5. Use MS Project 2007 to plan, schedule and track a project
  6. Explain the various aspects of a Quality Policy.
  7. Explain the various aspects of a Quality Policy.
  8. Discuss the components of a Quality Management System.
  9. Explain different responsibilities of various people in Quality Management.
  10. Explain system analysis design, design specifications and design procedures
  11. Describe various testing strategies.

Employment opportunities:

  1. Software Facilities Manager
  2. Software Project Manager
  3. Software Quality Manager
  4. Software and Systems Architect
  5. Web Application Developer
  6. Software and Systems Analyst
  7. Database Architect
  8. Database Manager/Administrator
  9. Network Administrator/Architect
  10. Network Support Engineer

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