CompTIA A+ Certification Course Details

Course Details

This bundle package includes PC Fundamentals, A+ Certification: PC Hardware Support Skills and A+ Certification: Operating System Support Skills. The course will provide PC newcomers with the fastest route to A+ Certification. Full practical sessions will prepare students for the two A+ Certification exams. Also provided is a copy of a PC engineer’s toolkit.

On course completion, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the basic concepts of PC hardware and operating systems
  2. Install and configure PC hardware and system components
  3. Understand the basics of peripherals and local area networking
  4. Support and troubleshoot PC hardware, software and peripherals
  5. Have a good understanding of customer service techniques

This course has been approved under the CompTIA Authorized Quality Curriculum program.

Course Content :

  1. Introduction to computer fundamentals
  2. Classification of computer systems
  3. Basic internal structure of a computer system
  4. Identification of Various components that makes the computer system
  5. Assembling and de-assembling the Computer systems
  6. CMOS Configuration
  7. Installation and configuration of Windows 2003 Server
  8. Installation and configuration of Windows 2003 Professional
  9. Installation and configuration of MS Office Package /Visual Studio
  10. Working principal of a hard disk
  11. Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of hard disk
  12. Working principle of a floppy disk
  13. Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of Floppy disk
  14. Working principle of a Compact disk Drive
  15. Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of Compact disk drive
  16. Working principle of Dot matrix / Ink jet printers
  17. Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of printers
  18. Multimedia installation and configuration
  19. Installation of modem and internet configuration
  20. Installing and configuring Scanners
  21. Networking essentials
  22. Introduction to LAN, MAN and WAN
  23. Essential Components of a network
  24. Server, Clint, NOS, NIC, Protocols
  25. Cabling, topology
  26. Connectivity devices
  27. Protocols & Implementing a peer to peer Networking

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11-1 pm Thu 17 May 2018 Mon 20 Aug 2018
11-1 pm Thu 20 Sep 2018 Thu 20 Dec 2018


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